2023/09/01 ISOMRM Satellite Conference (MT3+ Kick Off Meeting)

Taipei Tech Biomaterials Research and Commercialization Forum

Welcome to the Satellite Conference of the ISOMRM(International Symposium of Materials on Regenerative Medicine), organized by the National Taipei University of Technology for MT3+ (High-value Biomaterials Research and Commercialization Center).

As we delve into the topic of global trends in healthcare industry, Professor Hsu-Wei Fang from the Department of Chemical Engineering at Taipei Tech, along with a team of esteemed professors, established the Center for High-value Biomaterials Research and Commercialization.


To foster greater international collaboration, MT3+ (High-value Biomaterials Research and Commercialization Center) has signed memoranda of understanding (MOUs) with Professor Liam Grover from the University of Birmingham in the UK and Professor Nagasaki Yukio from Tsukuba University in Japan and Professor Hitoshi KASAI from Tohoku University in Japan to facilitate exchanges related to biomedical material research and development.


MT3+ have invited several experts and scholars from both domestic and international backgrounds to share with the potential for development in the healthcare industry and how we can address unmet market needs through innovative medical device design.