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National Taipei University of Technology

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Rapid Commercialization
Formulation optimization
Mass Production(Scale-Up)

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Research and Commercialization Center

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Key research areas

HBRCC (MT3+) is dedicated to bridging the gap between research and production in the medical device industry, specializing in optimizing biomaterial formulas, mass production, and rapid commercialization, while also providing multidisciplinary talent training and industry-academia collaborations to enhance the competitiveness of Taiwanese biomedical industries.

Biomaterials Testing Platform

Pre-clinical Testing Platform

Medical device commercialization

Research results

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High-Value Biomaterials

Research and Commercialization Center

Market Triumph Multidisciplinary Technology Medical Engineering Team

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HBRCC will assist researchers and industries to optimize formulas and mass production of powder/granule or liquid/gel biomaterials and derive high value biomedical implants. We also offer biomaterial rapid commercialization, a one-of-a-kind service.


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