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National Taipei University of Technology

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Our mission

The medical device industry has introduced groundbreaking technologies that have revolutionized various fields of medicine, leading to an increasing demand for advanced biomaterial development. However, a significant gap exists between the research phase and the final production of medical devices during the commercialization process. To address this challenge and foster a comprehensive industrial ecosystem for biomaterial development, the High-value Biomaterials Research and Commercialization Center (HBRCC, MT3+) collaborate with researchers and industries to optimize formulations and scale up production processes for powder/granule or liquid/gel biomaterials, ultimately resulting in the creation of high-value biomedical implants. Additionally, we provide a unique service for rapid commercialization of biomaterials, ensuring efficient translation of research findings into practical applications.


Clinical applicaitons of biomaterials

Drawing upon the core of biomaterials surface engineering, pre-clinical examinations, and the commercialization process, MT3+ provides multidisciplinary training in biomaterial-related courses and internships for graduate students. Additionally, through strategic partnerships with manufacturers, collaborative projects and contracted services are established to enhance profitability and foster innovation in new products and techniques. MT3+ remains committed to fostering industry-academia alliances, advancing research and development, devising comprehensive consulting strategies, expanding promotional efforts, and bolstering expertise in biomaterials engineering. Through these efforts, MT3+ aims to bolster the competitiveness of Taiwanese biomedical industries and drive the continued growth of the biomaterials sector.


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